☉ Targeted Sampling by Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Wave Glider autonomous front detection and tracking.

☉ Long-Range Autonomous Underwater Vehicles –

Web applications for visualization and control. Mission scripting.

☉ Cross-Domain Observational Metadata for Environmental Sensing (X-DOMES) -

An NSF/EarthCube project tasked to develop prototypes for the application of standards-based description of environmental sensor metadata, including provenance, that is paramount to automated data discovery, access, archival, processing, as well as quality control and assessment.

☉ Environmental Sample Processor (ESP) –

Servo microcontroller simulation. LRAUV integration.

☉ Oceanographic Decision Support System -

Visualization and planning components in the ODSS decision support system to help understand the complex physical and biological ocean processes that lead to ephemeral features in the ocean, such as harmful algal blooms and microbial activities that drive cycling of life-sustaining elements.

Components to support multi-vehicle, autonomous, goal-oriented experiments while the assets adapt to changing conditions.

☉ OOI-CI: Ocean Observatories Initiative Cyberinfrastructure -

Platform Agent framework. Integration of the PUCK and SIAM MBARI technologies.

☉ Marine Metadata Interoperability Project -

☉ Observatory Middleware Framework -

Research of alternative cyberinfrastructure approaches that support multi-domain research, integrate existing instrument networks with a common instrument proxy, and support a set of security capabilities critical for community-owned observatories.

COMET - The COast-to-Mountain Environmental Transect Project -

Web applications for real-time visualization of sensor data streams based on open software components and standards.

GeoStreams - Adaptive Query Processing Architecture for Streaming Geospatial Image Data.

Real-time visualization tool for streaming satellite images based on a formal image stream model.

☉ StarSpan - A tool for fast data extraction from remotely-sensed imagery.

Quadtree based algorithms for fast vector-raster intersection and extraction of pixels.

☉ SAMS - Spectral Analysis and Management System.

Application to manage field spectra databases and perform some typical pre-processing analyses. Features include: import/export options in various formats, signature groupings, metadata management, common operations on single or multiple signatures, richer set of plotting capabilities, and a simple data structure for easy integration with other applications.

☉ GOES - Reference Evapotranspiration calculation for California.

Interpolation of ground measured variables (air temperature, vapor pressure, etc.), solar position calculations, and automated download of data from CIMIS stations.

☉ RTM - Radiative Transfer Model Repository.

This project seeks to provide a repository of programs and programming libraries implementing Radiative Transfer Models for Remote Sensing research and applications.

☉ red_edge_gauss, spectral_index_calculation.

Programs to compute the red edge by using an inverted-Gaussian based method, and to compute user-defined spectral indices on remote sensing images.

EZW: A Java implementation of the Embedded Zerotree Wavelet image codec (Shapiro, 1993) for image compression.

Loro: A Programming Language and Integrated Development Environment for Beginners.